Social sharing is a powerful way of showcasing your reviews across your social media profiles. Sharing your reviews on social media is a great way to generate up-to-date content that is relevant to your brand and your followers. Showing off your latest and greatest reviews also helps build social proof for both existing and potential new customers that are checking out your business.

Use the Reviews menu in your dashboard and select Social Sharing to start setting this up. We currently support sharing with Facebook, Google, and Twitter.  

In addition, our social sharing option now includes the following new functionalities which will definitely help you promote and manage your brand at ease:

  • Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Posts - Gives you the flexibility to choose on which social media site you want to share your reviews. Use the slide button to activate or deactivate this feature.

  • Advanced timing functionality - Allows you to set when and how often your reviews will be posted.

  • More template variables (like review URL) - Provides you easy access to personalizing your post without the need of doing it manually.

  • Exclude reviews without text - This allows you to share more relevant reviews that can help your followers and potential new customers.

  • Post images - Photos can now be uploaded to your social sharing settings which makes your review sharing more personal. The images will be posted together with your reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Google post.