2.  Add a Review Site: On the left side of the navigation, click on Reviews. 

Next Step: From the Reviews menu dropdown, click on Review Sources.

Next Step: The Review Sources section shows all the review sites you can ask for reviews on.

The top 3 most important review sites are:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Yelp

For certain specialized industries, there are niche-specific review sites that the system has that you can add (ie: Angie's List, Avvo, or Cars.com).

Next Step: Add your first review source: Google My Business 

Within the Review Sources section, click on Google.

Next Step: Click the tab called Public Access.

Next Step: Type in the Business Name. 

Make sure to locate the correct business from the dropdown.

Next Step: Click Submit.

Next Step: A confirmation notice will appear on the top right of the dashboard confirming the review source has been added. 

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Send a Review Invite

Starter Guide

  1. Create Your Password
  2. Add a Review Site
  3. Send a Review Invite

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