3. Send a Review Invite: On the top right corner of the dashboard, click Send Invites. 

Next Step: Fill out the New Customer tab.

Fill out the following within the New Customer Tab:

  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Customer Email
  • Phone Number

Next Step: Select the Standard Campaign.

Choose Standard Campaign from the Campaign dropdown menu.

Next Step: Select the Send Invitation.

Next Step: Review Invitation Confirmation.

A green pop-up box will appear, informing you that the Review invitation has been sent!

What to do Next

  • Maximize your reviews across the internet by adding your Yelp and Facebook pages to the Review Sources section.
  • Automatically showcase your reviews on Google, Facebook, and Twitter by connecting your social media accounts.
  • Save time and send review invites to multiple customers at once with our bulk customer upload feature
  • Respond to customer reviews both positive and negative.
  • Continue to add new customers to the Digitalift Reputation Marketing System. Consistency is key.  

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Starter Guide

  1. Create Your Password
  2. Add a Review Site
  3. Send a Review Invite

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