The Trust & Credibility Journey 
Digitalift's Trust & Credibility Journey automates the review process by sending and following up with customers to generate reviews.

1. Your Customers Receive an Email & SMS Text.

2. Customers Easily Review You.

Results For Your Business
Digitalift's Reputation Marketing System influences customers and search engines and makes your business the obvious choice online every time. 

1. Quickly Get 5-Star Reviews online.

2. Rank Higher on Local SEO.

3. Become the Obvious Choice for customers searching for your services.

With Digitalift's Reputation Marketing System, you can : 

1. Manage your reviewsDigitalift's Reputation Marketing System allows you to aggregate reviews from different review sites into one dashboard, giving you the convenience to easily manage your reviews using one tool.

2. Generate new reviews - By using Digitalift's Reputation Marketing System, you can easily generate new reviews by asking your customers either through email or SMS.

3. Show off your reviewsDigitalift's Reputation Marketing System can also help you in showing off your reviews to your website or social media accounts. Showing off your reviews will help build your social proof and get more customers.

4. Analyze your reviews - You can also use Digitalift's Reputation Marketing System to analyze your reviews across different review sites and locations to give you an idea of your business performance and competition.