How to Add Customers on Your Phone

Easily send review invitations to customers from your phone or tablet.

  • Adding your customers via the Opt-in Page is the fastest way of sending your review invitation.
  • Share the Opt-in Page with your staff so they can ask for a review from your customers.
  • Instructions to find your Opt-In Page here.

How to Add Your Opt-In Page to Your Phone's Home Screen

Instructions For iPhone or iPad Users

Watch Video Instructions for iPhone or iPad Users

1. Launch “Safari” browser app. This does not work from the “Chrome” browser app.  View instructions if you use Chrome as your primary browser. 

2. Copy your Opt-in Page Link and paste it into your chrome browser. (You can find the Opt-In Page in your Digitalift Trust and Credibility dashboard)

3. Tap the icon featuring a right-pointing arrow coming out of a box along the top of the Safari window to open a drop-down menu.

4. Tap “Add to Home Screen.” The Add to Home dialog box will appear, with the icon that will be used for this website on the left side of the dialog box.

5. Enter the name for the shortcut using the on-screen keyboard and tap “Add.” Safari will close automatically and you will be taken to where the icon is located on your iPad’s desktop.

Instructions For Android Phone Users

Watch Video Instructions for Android Users

1. Copy your Opt-in Page Link and paste it into your chrome browser. (You can find the Opt-In Page in your Digitalift Trust and Credibility dashboard)

2. Tap the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right-hand corner) 

3. Tap Add to the home screen.

4. Name the app Digitalift a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

Perfect to Ask for Reviews In Person

Adding your customers via the Opt-in page is the fastest way of sending your review invitation. Once your campaign is set, you can start assigning it to your Opt-in page so all customers that you add to this landing page will be automatically added to a campaign.

Each of the businesses or locations that you've added to the dashboard has a dedicated Opt-in landing page, where you or your colleagues can upload your customer's details. You can either upload your customer's information as a single entry or via CSV. 

How to Use it for your type of business 

Contractors / Field Technicians / In-person 

The Opt-in page is ideal for contractors and field technicians to ask for a review in person once the work is completed. This is ideal for when you've finished the work for your customer and are signing off on the approval from them. You can easily ask them for a review and input their information into the Opt-in page to send them through the review process.

In-Office or In-Store Checkout 

The Opt-in page allows your staff to ask your customers for a review at the check-out phase. This is ideal when your customers are leaving your office or providing payment for your services or goods.  Alternatively, you can set up a kiosk in your store and ask your customers to opt in to receive review invitations from you. 

Add Customers using the Opt-in page on your Phone or Tablet

Your Opt-In Page on your phone or tablet will allow you to easily add new customers individually. 

To start sending review invites to a single customer, visit your Opt-In page URL shown within the Opt-In section (found within the Landing Page drop-down menu). 

Bookmark this URL on your mobile phone or add it to your home screen. 

Enter your customer's basic information: 

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Email Address

4. Phone Number

This will put them on the  What Your Customers Experience Journey. 

Easily Access Your Opt-In Page from your Phone or Tablet 

To easily access the Opt-In page, you can always add the Opt-In URL to your bookmarks or to the home screen of your mobile device to make it even easier to visit.  

Set up your Opt-in Page 
To set up your Opt-in page, click Landing Page from your dashboard's menu and select Opt-in Page. This will direct you to your Opt-in admin page where you can set the campaign and activate the CSV upload option. You will also see your Opt-in page link here that you can share with your team to start uploading your customers. Detailed instructions to set up your Opt-In page can be found here   


The Opt-In page makes adding customers through your mobile phone is an easy way to send review invitations immediately.

The main benefit of the Opt-in page is that this is a link you can share with people who wouldn't necessarily login to your dashboard (such as staff and customers).  

Using the Kiosk Mode, customers can opt for themselves into receiving review invitations. 

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