Welcome to Digitalift’s Client Portal

Your client portal is the central hub of interaction and communication with Digitalift and the Trust and Credibility System.

It allows us to collaborate together on projects and tasks in an efficient, organized and streamlined process. 

Access your Client Portal

Visit Digitalift.com

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Client Portal Overview

1. Type in the email address you used to sign up with Digitalift. 

2. Check Your email 

3. Login to your Client Portal

Client Portal Overview

1. Trust and Credibility System 

Login to the Trust and Credibility System to request reviews from your customers.

(Note: Login using your Trust & Credibility credentials. Didn’t get the email? Contact Support)

2. Digital Marketing Reporting

View your digital marketing statistics, rankings, SEO issues and more. 

3. Email Us Your Customer List

Don’t have time to email your customers? Email Us your Customer List and we will upload them for you! 

4. Trust and Credibility Starter Guide

The Trust and Credibility Stater Guide answers all your questions about how to use the Trust and Credibility System. Feel free to browse or search for answers. 

5. Mobile Opt-In Page (Email this link to your phone)
Use the Mobile Opt-In Page to ask for customer reviews from your phone. Email this link to yourself and bookmark/save it on your phone.

6. Upload Photos - SEO & Google Business Profile Optimization

Upload your photos to be optimized and used for your SEO Strategy.

7. Contact Support

Need to contact us? Click the Contact Support button and we will get back to you within 24 hours, typically asap.